Greyhound Boarding & Retirement?Kamp, Inc.

An IRS designated 501 3(c) Nonprofit

GBARK Save Dog's Lives. Period.
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About Us
GBARK is a dog sanctuary that provides a forever 97免费视频免在线看 to sighthounds and mixes that are said to be unadoptable due to perceived aggression, health or disability.

GBARK relies solely on donations to survive. We normally have between 25 and 35 permanent residents.
Jon Saldivar-Kitto and Alonso Saldivar adopted their first greyhound in 1998. It didn't take long before they dedicated their lives to these animals.
  1. Jon
    Jon is an Anglican Priest and Chaplain. He spends his days caring for the dogs of GBARK and counseling inmates.
  2. Alonso
    When not feeding, cleaning, washing or doing other dog related duties Alonso is a financial coordinator in the Indiana University School of Global and International Studies.
  3. Support
    Jon and Alonso, along with generous donors provide all of GBARK's support.
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  1. Experience
    GBARK has twenty years of experience in caring for hounds with special needs. Aggressive, shy, fearful and other dogs are allowed to be themselves on GBARK's 5 acre site. All dogs live in the house and have free roam in the house and the three fenced yards.
  2. Passion
    The dog's of GBARK are loved, first and foremost. Jon and Alonso love each dog and someone is with the dogs in the 97免费视频免在线看 90% of the time. Generous donors allow GBARK to feed the best food available and excellent vet care is available 24/7
  3. What it Takes
    Taking care of the dogs costs between $2500 to $4000 a month. Donations average about $1000 a month, the remainder comes from Jon and Alonso's income. Needless to say donations are always welcome.